Cowgirl Poetry

The Partnership
Betsy and Bob are good partners of old
They've been together for years
Many long days they've toiled the farm
and mustered endless numbers of steers.

Now time has passed and the family's long gone
they run the property all on their own
The tractor's the only help that they have
Oh, and two Kelpies called Sid and Jerome.

Bob takes good care of his Betsy gal
trys to give her all that she needs
Of course she never demands nothing too much
Just some loving and a good solid feed.

See, Betsy is Bob's ol' grey mare
which he's had since she was a foal
Broke her in long ago as a two year old
and swore she would never be sold.

Well, Bob kept his word, he's looked for no other
together they make a good team
Betsy's hard working and quick on her feet
Partnership just works like a dream.

 Bob's mates at the pub stir him a bit
'bout Betsy, they give him a revin'
But they all know, he's blessed to have the ol' girl
It's a bond that was formed in heaven.

Of course all good things must come to an end
and Bob secretly dreads the day
when he and his Betsy will ride no more
and eternity will part their way.

'Betsy and Bob are good partners of old
They've been together for years'
will be written on the gravestones
and their story told with tears.
Sue Bartlett

How do you make the decision
to say goodbye to your closest friend
when in your heart you keep hoping
that he'll be on the mend.
All the memories and times we've had
makes me hold off just one more day
I have to keep searching for options
there's got to be another way.

Sixteen years we've been together
my loyal shadow by my side
now my buddy can't keep up with me
he's far too old and tired.
His senses are slowly failing him
and he sleeps most of the day
he used to chase the cats for fun
now he just stays out of their way.

He's been my lil' jackaroo
while working on the farm
now he no longer rides the quad bike
in case he comes to any harm.
I worry with him round the horses
he's not as quick as he used to be
when I call his name he no longer comes
simple truth is ...he can't hear me.

Some days he doesn't eat his food
and his weight goes up and down
but is it really OK to decide
to send him homeward bound
and who can really advise me
when the timing is just right
maybe there'll be a miracle
to the prayers I pray each night.

Do all the tablets and the vet bills
that  is keeping him alive
outweigh the few precious months
that I'll have him by my side
Each day the debate goes on in my head
swinging to and fro
I even write down the pros and cons
it's just so hard to let him go.

I suppose it is my secret wish
that he'll go peacefully in his sleep
but as his body weakens
my guilt just runs too deep.
Arthritis, vomiting and incontinence
is the price he truly pays
while I hold onto another moment
and tell myself "he's okay".

But I know the sad day is coming
when his pain will exceed my love
and my heart will know the time is right
to send him to my Father above
Then God will wrap His arms around me
and be a comfort by my side
He'll wipe away all the tears
that I have surely cried.

HEY!  but tomorrow is another day
I'm sure he'll be better by then
and we'll go walk in the sunshine
and there'll be no thoughts of "when"
I'll put that dreaded moment
to the back corner of my mind
and create just one more memory
that he can leave behind.
Sue Bartlett

16yr old Rikki........who I might add is not ready to go faith I am hoping for another 5 yrs out of him.

Barrel Racing Prayer
Heavenly Father
We ride before you today with a thankful heart on the trail of hope you set before us.
Lord everyday you bless us, from the touch of the morning sun's first rays, until the daylight recedes and diamonds are sprinkled across the black velvet skies.

Help us to appreciate you in each and every moment, guide us and teach us where to rate, turn and ride through the clover leaf pattern of life.

Bless us as we compete today, protect both horse and rider as we make our run, and no matter what the timers read, let our hearts rejoice in you.

So that one day when we finally turn the third barrel and head for home, you Lord, will swing the gate open wide and say, "Welcome home Cowgirl".
Sue Bartlett

The Gate Man
As his weathered hands undo the latch
and he swings the gate open wide,
a cowgirl guides her dancing horse
into he alley as he steps aside.
He then says "good luck", from beneath his hat
and smiles with just his eyes,
and as he secures the gate for safety
he checks it twice, so it doesn't untie.
He's not just a gate man. 

I often stop and wonder
that it's such a cry'n shame,
why no one stops to ask him
what he knows about this game.
Cause he's watched thousands of barrel races
from his prime position at the gate,
and you'd think he'd know a thing or two
that he could surely relate.
He's not just a gate man.

You see for hours he will stand there
pushing that metal to and fro,
some even forget to thank him
as they ride on through and go.
Of course their focus is on the arena
riding adrenaline that weighs half a tonne,
and he's the last thing on their mind
when they're making that perfect run.
He's not just a gate man.

But when the last gate closes, the rodeo's done,
and his muscles are aching with pain,
as he says "goodnight" and goes home alone
you might ask me "what did he gain?"
Well in my eyes he's one of those unsung heroes,
a quiet achiever who gets the job done,
respect and honor is what he's gained,
and he earned it while while we all had fun!

He's not just a gate man.........
Sue Bartlett



This poem is dedicated to Snow Fox, who has probably opened the gate for barrel racers more than a thousand times. Snow, we thank you for your dedication to the sport of rodeo and for your warm smile.


We have a champion in our paddock, who is known by one and all

His name is Palleo Doc, but to us “Doccy” he is called

He's bull dogged, roped and barrel raced, camp drafted and team penned

gave all that he had, in every event,he's been our loyal friend

And although he's now getting on in age, twenty-four and slightly smaller in size

he still thinks he's a five year old,
When I look in ol' Doc's eyes

All the miles he was hauled to rodeos,are just a long gone, distant blur

and all the trophy buckles that he won with pride,, are all tarnished and dull in colour

Doc may have lost count of all the kids, that he has taught to ride

but I'm sure he remembers each and every face,
cause I see it in ol' Doc's eyes

But now he's a little slower, arthritis is gradually creeping in

and when we load up the other horses, he calls out, so we don't forget him

but sadly there's no room in the float, for horses who can no longer fly

and as he watches his replacements drive away,
I notice heartache in ol' Doc's eyes

But on days when we're not competing, Doc gets all the attention that he's due

he lifts his head with interest, and his energy's renewed

then just for fun, we run the drums, and as he lengthens out his stride

all the memories come flooding back,
there's a glint in ol' Doc's eyes

Fires, floods and thunderstorms, the ol' boys weathered through

dodged lightening bolts and fallen branches, it's all nothing new

He's been there, done that, seen it all, to him there's no surprise

all that's left is the memories, that I see in ol' Doc's eyes

In my heart I know the day is coming, when he'll turn the third and head for home

we will put him under the big gum tree, his paddock he'll no longer roam

but when we sit round the campfire at rodeos, his stories we will confide

and you'll know that he was our pride and joy,
cause you will see it in our eyes.
Sue Bartlett

Doccy is now 28 years old and still is ridden by two small boy who love him very much!!! When they don't need him anymore he will come home to rest.


"May the Lord follow Cowgirls where ever they may be.
May they ever ride in grace but given no sympathy.
'Cause although they're soft and flowing, they're as tough as nails inside.
And courage is what they're made of, behind that dainty hide.

Let no known person put down Cowgirls 'cause they're wearing boots and jeans.
It's not the surface that counts to them, its the soul that must be clean.
May a single barrel never hit the dust, nor steer set up inside the box,
and may the Cowgirl's horse be sure and able to carry her til dusk."

It's just the cowgirl way

A cowgirl doesn't need to know celebrity fads or designer trends

she doesn't catch up with the latest gossip, while sipping cappuccino with her friends

There is no thought of aerobic classes or going to the gym

cause she makes every minute of daylight count, while working on her dream

…'s just the cowgirl way

Manicures and facials are unheard of, when mustering has to be done

Dinner parties are put on hold, cause the rodeo is on

She's chasing points for the title and she wont quit until she sees

the silver buckle sitting on her belt, all worth the miles and entry fees

…'s just the cowgirl way

A cowgirl is not afraid of hard work, she doesn't cry over little things

like praying for rain when it doesn't come, it's just one more broken string.

But she doesn't lay in bed till noon, wallowing in regret

she's up again at the break of day, there surely isn't time to fret

…'s just the cowgirl way.

Cause the poddys need branding and the cattle need dipping

the yearlings need training and the crops need tending.

The troughs need cleaning and the fences need fixing

If there's time she'll be baking, between the chores that are waiting

Each day just surviving she's gotta keep on trying.

…'s just the cowgirl way

And at night just before she closes her eyes, she says a little prayer

to thank God that she's living on the land and not in the city somewhere

And as her aching body settles down on the sheets and she reflects on the day that has been,

she slowly but surely drifts off to a place, where her goals are already seen.

…'s just the cowgirl way.

A cowgirl knows that someday soon, that payday will arrive,

but she'll put the money back in the farm, just to keep her dreams alive.

All the heartache, sweat and calloused hands, will be looked upon with pride,

she'll pull on her favorite boots and jeans, and find peace by going for a ride.

…'s just the cowgirl way.
Sue Bartlett


As a little girl, I was drawn to arenas full of crowds

to horses, bulls and bucking chutes with country music playing loud.

And although I grew up in the big smoke I knew rodeo was in my veins

but it wasn't till I was twenty-five, that I held my first set of reins

My horses name was Mischief and out on the trail we would go

this would be my training ground, till the day I could rodeo.

I used to dream through magazines, western movies I adored

I prayed each night to Jesus “just let me rodeo please Lord”

In my thirties I raised my children, the best wife and mother I could be

I put my dreams up on a shelf,  there just wasn't time for me

But at fourty things are different, my husband said “Let's go”

and off we went to compete, at my long dreamt rodeos.

It's there I found the adrenaline, that I'd been looking for

turning three drums and heading for home, it always leaves me wanting more

Waiting in the box, building my loop, giving the nod, lets ride

Then carrying a flag in the Grand Entry, it fills my heart with pride.

Now rodeo's our second family, our horses our trusted friends

competing keeps me young at heart, I pray it never ends

So don't save regrets for when you are old, it's not too late to fulfill your dreams

stay determined brave and focused, believe in the things unseen.
Sue Bartlett


The music is blaring and the announcer is shouting

“that's your new leader, what a run”.

As I warm up my horse, he knows the deal

my adreneline is climbing as his motor's switched on.

There's 3 to go.............

I make no eye contact and I speak to nobody,

It's time to focus and barrel race in my mind

The perfect pattern I see over and over

Past mistakes I have made are all left behind

There's 2 to go..................

I try not to watch the runs just before me,

they only distract from my purpose and plan

As I check my girth and shorten my reins

Someone says, “run hard girl” and I know that I can

There's 1 to go.................

My name is now called and I'm standing by

My horse sees the alley and he begins to dance

the rider before me smiles as she exits

the gate is held open...........this is our chance

and then we GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sue Bartlett

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Tess Gealy | Reply 02.03.2014 14.05

absolutely beautiful poetry Sue :) Thoroughly enjoyed every one of them...could even relate to a few :)

country | Reply 14.12.2012 09.08

yall should make up yalls own i have many give me a call 918-650-899?

country | Reply 14.12.2012 09.06

i love all of the cowgirl poems i am a cowgirl and i think that other girls should b to cuz they dont know wat they r only 14 and i do all farm stuf

Sheyann | Reply 30.11.2012 10.42

Love the "its just the cowgirl way". i am a cowgirl myself . bahaha but this is some good stuff. keep up the good work...... Love SheyannFrost

Sue Bartlett | Reply 12.06.2012 13.32

Yes Steve I do still race.... nearly every weekend, will check out the website....thanks

steve | Reply 09.06.2012 17.06

do you still race.? check out my sissters website thank u . i like the pic

Teri | Reply 22.12.2011 07.10

This is awesome!!

keasia | Reply 09.12.2011 12.37


Caron Granger | Reply 17.04.2011 20.32

My heart goes out to every person in your situation Sue. I have been there a few times and I always look to Saint Frances of Assisi to help me make the choice

Debra J Anderson | Reply 14.02.2011 06.00

Thank you for these kind read and my our Lord stay with you and yours near and far he well be thank you Lord for this today..
your sister in Chrsit D.J.

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